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Our Vision

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A program for the individual, and experience for the collective.

In sport, athletes receive personalised training and information to optimise performance. We try to do the same thing for our members so they can be at their best for their sport, their family, their job or their life. We treat athletes like humans, and humans like athletes, because without health, there is no performance, and we should all be striving to achieve our potential.

We don’t feel you can look at each person and treat them the same. Our Cornerstone Level system provides the framework to assess your movement competency and deliver the specific prescription tailored to you to move you toward your goals. We build the programs ourselves with the people in front of us in mind rather than completing movements that do not meet your needs. Many training styles use aspects of strength and conditioning but often don’t understand the principles or science behind the training, which is where most go wrong.

Our Process.




Over our FREE 45-minute HP review session, we take you through our Life Performance checklist and build a picture of you and how we can help. We get to know you and understand your needs and aspirations. A personal approach results in a more personal outcome.



Through our unique onboarding process, we assess all aspects of you movement and health.



No matter what you want to achieve, you need a plan that’s tailored to you. Every person receives a Performance Plan where we outline where you’re at and what you need to do to reach your goals.


Track & Deliver.

We connect you with the solutions and programs you need, and test regularly to see how you are progressing.

Our Team.






The Proof is in the Pudding.