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Meet Chris

Operating in Adamstown, I combine the cutting edge of sports science, modern physiotherapy, and athletic coaching.

Our mission is to deliver cutting edge, evidence based rehab and physiotherapy services to the people of Newcastle. The treatment style is a little different than most and integrates a movement and education based approach. 

I am a Doctor of Physiotherapy and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. This results in the ability to provide high-quality specialist care from rehab through to high level athletic performance.

Our own personal athletic experience includes Olympic lifting, track and field, rugby union, gymnastics, soccer, ballet, hand balance, and a general movement practice.

We love helping people move out of pain through improving their movement patterns and muscular balance. We look at problems from a broad perspective rather than treating just symptoms or an injury in isolation.

We specialise in knee rehab, in particular ACL rehabilitation to either avoid surgery or post-surgery. Far too many people suffer debilitating knee pain at all levels of sport and life. It's a huge passion to improve how people not just move, but live.

This broad background of physical practice and physiotherapy allows me to take useful elements from multiple athletic performance domains and use them all to optimise your recovery.

We're located in Adamstown so Physiotherapy in Newcastle is in good hands. If you’re wanting to build the knowledge and skills to be in control of your rehab and the best version of yourself, then let’s get started.


For cancellations or changes to bookings, please click the link on your booking reservation email, or email [email protected]