Lead a new generation of health and
performance throughout Australia.

At Cornerstone, our coaches are obsessed with coaching. We eat, drink, and sleep it. The job of our coaches is to provide the best experience to our members every single day. Early alarms and late nights don't phase us – we are focused and committed. In an industry plagued with mediocrity, we strive to set a higher bar. Simply put we are professionals, and we are investing heavily in progressing our coaches to new heights. Through a culture of excellence, leadership and a dynamic development framework we arm our coaches with the tools and resources they need to excel and evolve.

  • Team player – we all grow together
  • Enthusiasm – about what we do and how we do it
  • Leadership – Lead yourself and inspire the team and our community to be meet our goals in accordance with our values
  • Initiative – see and take action when something looks out of place or you have an idea.  
  • Be an active participant in the development of the Cornerstone brand – treat Cornerstone like it was your own. 
  • Take on feedback and look to innovate/modify where needed

Thinking globally but acting locally in considering greater business goals and objectives

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